Grease is a semisolid lubricant. Grease generally consists of a soap emulsified with mineral or vegetable oil. We can provide all of the following: Aviation Grease, Biodegradable Grease, Food Grade Grease, Heavy Duty Grease, Lubricating Grease, Military Grease, Silicone Greases, Specialty Greases, Wheel Bearing Grease.

What is in Grease?

A true grease consists of an oil or some other fluid lubricant that is mixed with a thickener. Typically, a soap is used to form a solid or semisolid grease. These lubricants are a type of thinning or plastic fluid, which means that the fluid is reduced under trim. After sufficient force to shear the grease has been applied, the viscosity drops and approaches that of the base lubricant, such as the mineral oil. This sudden drop in force means that grease is considered to be a plastic fluid. This causes the reduction of shear force with time to make it thixotropic. It is often applied using a grease gun, which applies the grease to the part being lubricated under pressure. This results in forcing the solid grease into the smaller spaces in the part.


Soaps are the most common emulsifying agent used, and the selection of the type of soap is determined by the application. The nature of the soaps influences the temperature resistance, water resistance, and the chemical stability of the grease.

How is it Used?

The characteristic features of grease is they possess a high initial viscosity, which upon the application of shear, drops to give the effect of an oil-lubricated bearing of approximately the same viscosity as the base oil used in the grease. This change in density is called shear thinning. Grease is often used to describe lubricating materials that are simply soft solids or high thickness liquids, but these materials do not exhibit the thinning properties characteristic of the classical grease. For example, petroleum jellies such as Vaseline are not generally classified as greases.

Greases are applied only to mechanisms that can be lubricated infrequently and where lubricating oil would not stay in position. They also act as sealants to prevent ingress of water, dirt, and incompressible materials. Grease-lubricated bearings have greater frictional characteristics due to their high viscosity.

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